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Virtual Catechesis

1 Feb

2016 06:15 PM (CST)

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  • Monday, 1 Feb 16 06:15 PM CST

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Course Description

What is God’s expectational love? How do we become holy? How does God become present to us?

There are so many aspects about the faith. We want this to be a discussion more than anything else. There are some gifted instructors that will talk with YOU and about your faith experiences. There are things we can cover and questions to ask, but the main part of this class is the discussion together. So you get to decide to a large degree what we learn.

This class is aimed for Catholics, especially young adults and parents who want to teach the faith to others. We still welcome those from different faiths to join the discussion.

There are no graded exams by the instructor. Instead, the rest of your life is the exam!

What is a Virtual Class?

A virtual class is an online class that is also has live components. In our class, the big highlight is the discussion we will have with each other and the other presenters. We use the WizIQ program for the virtual class.

What does it cost?

FREE! We want as many people as possible for this outreach. Our limit is 25 people online, we'd love to hit that!

When are the classes?

January 11, 18, 25, February 1, 8, 15. Starts at 8:00pm, with log-in starting at 7:30pm. The class should go about an hour.

How to log in?

The night of the class at about 7:30, the lead instructor will launch the class and post the link on this website. Click that link to join the class.

There are a variety of instructors in this course:

Bobby Kinkela, M.A. Theology, has taught theology at the parish, high school and college level for eight years. His master's presentation was about Dignitatis Humane (the Vatican II document on religious freedom) as an authentic development of Christian doctrine according to the theory of John Henry Cardinal Newman.

Dr. Ron Muller, Ph.D. Philosophy, M.A. Literature, has taught literature, philosophy, Latin, and more, well over 30 years at various universities and academies. He is president of Cardinal Newman Liberal Arts Project, which is inspired to teach the interdisciplinary study of philosophy, theology and literature. His dissertation was about the Philosophy of Happiness.

David Pinto B.A. Philosophy, was a seminarian majored in philosophy. He is head of the Wonder Workshop which gives lectures and sells literature about the faith for over 30 years. He has been a catechist for 10 years.

Mary Conces B.A. English, teaches Latin and is the librarian for the Cardinal Newman Liberal Arts Project. She is a universal learner and a jack of all disciplines.

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Newman Project

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